• Welcome to Siva Sakthi Physiotherapy Hospital...

  • “Doctors add years to patient’s life”
    “Physiotherapist add life to that add the years” Is our motto
  • Our hospital SIVASAKTHI HI-TECH PHYSIOTHERAPY HOSPITAL was established way back 2005 by forming a charitable trust.

  •   The Sivasakthi Physiotherapy Hospital & Sivasakthi Institute of Paramedical Sciences established by well qualified health professionals, includes Physicians, surgeons, Physiotherapist etc. It has all types of Govt. Permissions and institution is run under Bharat sevak samaj


  •   The Sivasakthi Physiotherapy Hospital & Sivasakthi Institute of Paramedical Sciences was started in 1999. Mr. M. Arumugasamy., BPT, DVMS, PGDFM, and Mr. P. B. M. A Doss., MPT (Ortho), D.S.P., visualized the institution with the aim of helping the rural people with modern Physiotherapeutic care, and to give medical, health and nursing education to the public
    The Sivasakthi Physiotherapy Hospital & Sivasakthi Institute of Paramedical Sciences Complex comprises of different streams - Physiotherapy Hospital and Paramedical Institution and facilities for Nursing and Paramedical education.


  •   To prepare competent manpower with sound knowledge and excellent skills through quality education and to inculcate scientific temper, moral and ethical values. To provide Excellent Global Health services for rural population.

  •   To promote globally competitive training in the field of medicine with emphasis on need-based science and technology and contribute towards excellence in the field of medicine. To start new colleges and institutes for launching programs in emerging areas and fields.


  •   Arigyar Anna Said “ Elayin serippil Iraivanai kanpom” Based on his word our motto“We can see the god through smile in disabled people”
    .Promote the disabled person to do their own activity (Activities of daily life) and make them as independent, It will bring smile in their face.
  • We try to achieve that through our physiotherapy care and rehabilitation services. And we have achieved our task in doing that.

  We have in fact given life to stroke, paraplegia etc, and made them to lead normal life only with a small scar of the disease or accident. It’s being managed with qualified physiotherapy doctors of dedication round the clock. It is supported with modern advanced therapeutic equipments to give flip early require. we have established full fledged inpatient setup in our hospital is constructed in a serine atmosphere, with specialist to accorded in patients as a first in India by this process we 24 hrs monitoring the patient and give physiotherapy exercise in the morning, afternoon and evening by using various treatment technique include manipulative therapy , it is facilitate the patient for recovery very fast, within 2 to 3 weeks so that they resort to normal active life with in a very small span of time which is not possible if they take physiotherapy treatment one time on the day.



   The hospital is supports by 24 hrs nursing staff to take care of all we needs of the patient. The hospital has specialized doctors as reputed who visit and give advised for speedy recovery and also the hospital has got advanced therapeutic equipments and bigger therapeutic exercise hall. For Recreation also the hospital has provided with auditorium with modern sounds and light equipments, include the meditation hall. It has got scenic garden well maintained. The entire complex is 3 acres with full of Garden, Parking space, Indoor Auditorium, Canteen , amiss coconut garden wherein you can feel the natural climate. .

  • Gait School:  

  •   We proud to state our hospital as established India’s first GAIT SCHOOL which will give tremendous improvement to the stroke patient walking pattern , Which is advanced physiotherapy treatment only available in our hospital. Over two decades we were treating en number of patients like hemiplegic , paraplegia , head injury Etc, from all over the Tamil Nadu in a rented premises and the success story as made to go in for a full fledged hospital now going to be shifted which is our dream child
  • De-Addiction: 

  •   The hospital also proposed to have a separate DE-ADDICTION block ably assisted with constant monitoring of the patient by eminent psychiatrist. The medical fertility in and around the Tamil Nadu to refer the patient and give consent advised for speedy recovery for physiotherapy patient.

  • Old Age Home:

  •   We also running OLD AGE HOME, Our specially is to take elderly patients and give them fresh lease of life to live with consent nursing and medical surveillance.



patients are treated on the basis of...